A very nasty pvp experience

PvP 10 server currently has 40 levels of character in Elephant Armor With the best Bows and Bowels on the current level, I’ve got a pretty clear pvp with steel kardal longsword. on my site with a lvl 3 Fighter Thrall who was also dressed in this way.

I’m pretty experienced in pvp I thought I was a little fun and I went to two people in one of her main skirts and the other was wearing the basic light armor set.
one of them with Stone Darts, the other stone fought two-handed swords.

I suffered such a humiliating defeat that I thought I was crying and wiping the game.

My staminam was absolutely zero after a couple of shots, and I did not have any chance to make a correction.
My Warrior was more in the fight than he would have helped.

My shots did not damage my opponents, and because of my archery, my strikes did not affect them very much, in vain, the huge equipment of level differences.

What does Funcom intend to do, so it might be better for me to have 2v1 who can not handle it.

Now I can be a puppy, but this kind of equipment with a joke and a warrior helper on my side would have to be a kid game for this fight, not to be thrusting like a whale in my chivalric armor with my sword and looking forward for two cavemen to be pretty slim because I can not even move after 2-3 shots …
of course, if I could hit them at all because of the baro-man’s move …
I would like a dev to give the answer because it was a bit humiliated that I was chasing them out of the fun of it and finally put it together so I could not swallow it…

Archery is not worth the price, because there is a basic material out there to equip a military as much as I can to fight it.
It requires too much preparation compared to just making a sword in a simple way and knocking it in…

Personally, a necromancer mage is more likely to play, but if he does not have at least the good he is.

Ok, I get the feeling English isn’t your first language. Please correct me as I try and summarize what happened.

You = level 40 with heavy armor, a good bow with arrows and a good sword, for the level. Plus a level 3 fighter thrall with the same equipment. Fought two players who were wearing light armor and coarse, respectively. Holding stone weapons, daggers and a two-handed sword.

And they wrecked you.

You don’t know what level they were. Could have been 60. Add to that, players > thralls. Just how it is. Daggers stack bleed, which I think ignores armor. Two handed swords are great for cripple (makes heavy armor even worse) and sunder (I think, but if it’s sunder, it helps vs armor)

And they out played you. That’s the goal of the new combat, to be able to outplay a better geared or higher leveled opponent. Sucks to be on the receiving end. Learn and adapt.

For your build, I would wear light armor, use a crippling melee weapon (one hand sword) and kite with a bow. You are a glass cannon with almost no hit points. Stay moving.

I tried to make the most of my possessions.
but my shots were slow and they missed my goal.
but I did not try to hit them, but they did not go anyway, but I did not even know more than 400 hours today, so I know how to shoot.

Their level could be up to 10-15 lvl.
as a result of the damage, I concluded because my character was just writhing back and could not do anything.
2-3 shootings after a shot that was still near the body missed a goal I could not harm them in accordance with my level.

It was really embarrassing to break this equipment and slave, so I do not know, it was disappointing and disappointing.

Archery is only viable for a cheap method of pulling NPCs and killing some of the ranged ones that are trickier to get to.

Other than that, not so much. This makes Accuracy and its armor and items relatively useless. I say relatively since you can make it work against certain mobs. But against players you’re going to be in for a rough time to say the least.

To put it shortly, Accuracy and Archery are not balanced with melee, there’s no need to further test this. It literally needs an overhaul unless there’s some major component to it they haven’t added yet that I haven’t seen.

I run Light armor and daggers primarily but carry various weapons for different situations…I use bows but only to start off a fight if at range or if something gets stuck :slight_smile:

My advice is to focus on crafting up different weapons and armor and use what best fits the situation. If you are fighting against daggers use a weapon that has “Hyper armor” and CC aka “stutter” or cripple effects and make sure to watch the bleed on your health…keep regen on yourself etc…

Sorry I got lost trying to decipher this. Google translator for the loss here I think?

accuracy is amazing actually…if you sink enough points in it to get the 50% armor pen bonus and then add the armor pen weapon attachment to some aggers that already have armor pen you wind up with near 70% armor pen…which is insanely devastating.

also keep in mind while this might sound weid but most str perks work with bow, slice and dice 10% damage on light attacks or the 20 point feat for 25% damage on status effects like cripple bleed etc,
this works wonders specialy with snake arrows get the cripple from bow and stack poison with light attacks that do 10% inc damage

Like was said above if you want to focus purely on weaponry then go heavy accuracy for the damage boost and heavy strength for the perks… You will have to make some sacrifices elsewhere but your bow will hit like a truck. Massive focus on kiting I suspect you are still going to need some Grit so Vitality will take a hit…

I had to laugh at drive by.
That guy got some crazy skills though.

This is exactly what I mean with all my current posts as well.
Unfortunately noone seems to react on that point.
Everyone only goes about how its a melee game.

→ Then again, why even bother about implementing bows as weapons wielded by players? We even got stun arrows. (If they are working?) Funcom keeps doing stuff regarding archery and alternative ranged damage but at the same time acts as if Conan Exiles would be better off without ranged fighting, as it is supposed to be melee based. I dont understand.

I think that sandbox games should be about the preferences of the player.
If one introduces a weapon and then states it’s usage is undesired while rendering said weapon rather weak… Is that still a sandbox game?

That said, you - Drameron - should get yourself up to 60, get one of those 5 armorer which got those flawless accuracy recipes (or rather 3, as two of those 5 give heavy armor recipes, which is bad regarding encumbrance and ammo) and craft those in epic.
Then get yourself down that dragon hole, learning those dragon bone recipes, unlocking dragon bone arrows as well and then kill a few dragons (going for bones).
Also kill some bosses and loot those chests (hoping for khan bow).
Then skill up 40 strenght and 50 accuracy and you are good to go with good archery.

Or after having reached lvl 60, you simply go for a mixed build with 30ish strenght and any hardened steel/starmetal melee weapon, rocking just as hard but with more HP, stamina and encumbrance. And way less material costs to think about. … And attacking faster.
(Those are a bad joke anyway when considering repair kits.)

Yikes. Yeah, it’s a game of heavy losses and giant wins. When you step into PvP, you need to be prepared to lose everything. Not even just the things on you — be prepared to lose your base, if they decide to go to all-out-war.

I’ve also had a terrible experience. Maybe worse than yours? Me and three clan-mates attacked an enemy with maybe fourteen explosive jars on us. We were being foolish and overconfident, and didn’t know that our enemy had leveled almost three times as high as us. The one of them was able to fight and kill us, one-by-one, while we were scattered around their base. We ended up losing 4 full sets of raid gear to a single player. Voice chat was pretty grim and embarassing for the remainder of the night.

PvP is always a double-edged sword — you can have great victories, but also major defeats as well. The important thing is to stick with it, and learn from your mistakes.

It’s all part of the game (and perhaps part of life, as well). The things you have are temporary, and can be taken away at any moment. Best to enjoy them to the fullest while you have them.


What??? bows do NOT hit like a truck in pvp lol…you must not pvp much if you think bows are at all viable.

Man, look at reality for a moment.
If you have no strength, how are you going to draw a weak 25 lbs draw bow, much less a bow with a draw weight of over 120 lbs.

It was a relative statement to stacking strength for perks on top of maxing accuracy. Take a headshot with that spec and bow will hit relatively hard. Accuracy does nothing for Melee but strength boosts Bow damage through perks by a large percentage especially on heavy shots.

Regarding the PvP comment…Perks are relatively new and have changed since initial release on Testlive so…pointless statement.

100% chance you cant land a headshot on me… literally ever …or anyone else for that matter. Bows are garbage for pvp.

Just looking at your original post, you had nearly zero chance going into that fight, regardless of your opponent’s level:

You are an archer and allowed them to close distance on you and did not attack from an elevated position, which neuters almost all of your offensive ability.

You were up against two opponents and not using weapons that are meant for fighting off multiple opponents so they were able to easily flank you.

Your opponents were using weapons that can apply every status effect in the game and were likely sundered, crippled, and bled almost immediately.

You are using heavy armor which is torn to shreds by a greatsword and dagger and renders you unable to dodge.

You have 1 point in vitality. One lonely point. Either character by themselves would have eviscerated you, as you are made of paper and glass.

To summarize, you brought a knife to a gunfight.

I don’t recall saying Bows were awesome or even Gud in PvP…that said they have their uses.

Sounds like a couple of naked noobs got some decent gear.