A Vet PvP Player's Update 3.0 feedback, Please upvote PvP discussion in this

With the new hp system that isnt needed though and you can easily hit the thrall to see

Its almost identical skill set in my eyes what do you mean?

If you think crossplay is fair then there should be servers for it. This is just one nuance.

And you keep mentioning cross play do you mean KBM and Gamepad? Im just asking because if they have cross play it would be awesome but i have alreayd played and beaten some of the best on KBM in NA and i play controller. They have similar skill sets if not identical so skill will be the overall factor and strategies

All good and well but the pvp playerbase will continue to die if the banning system isn’t either re-worked or removed. Not to beat a dead horse but let’s be serious it’s currently the number 1 issue with pvp

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I am sure that is goimg to be fixed im this update.

Happy days…now if they can find a way to stop foundation sweeping…


Add territory flags instead of land claim and have limited number of them and to prevent them from being exploitable IE leave clan place more then join back… make it where the most recent will overwrite the oldest one. Even when merging. This allows landclaim base finding harder aka hidden bases a thing again, and makes conqueroring bases more of a thing then just wiping. Landclaim would be more reasonable since the grid of landclaim would no longer exist since regular building pieces dont give landclaim anymore Aka over landclaiming or gridding as seen in earlier game play could lead to bann warning. This would help make building less spammy of foundations and such for landclaim etc. Makes the game much more solid and more focal points to capture flags. And to have a fob you can get rid of etc

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Oh good old times when you was able to actually fight many ppl n win fight with skill haha

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Yep. Then the other players had the indecency to learn to play and now they can beat you because they have skill too.

The skill ceiling was way higher back then. It required faster reaction times and more prediction.


peak conan :cry:

devs had a winning ticket for pvp. now we have w/e we call this garbage combat.


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No now they can beat you because they outnumber you. That wasnt the case same way back 3-4 years ago. So skill is probably still the same, but like axels said, the ceiling is way lower now than back then.

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The ban meta has to stop before the update rolls out . Or else no one’s really going to play the game so good for pointing that out

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I believe it will man just have faith dude. But we need to also fix these core issues as well.

Checking recently they just uploaded videos on how the new building works with hammer. NOW in theory it looks good. ON THE OUTSIDE but now spamming builds is even more viable good luck raiding since everyone will be a walking hold mats and premade whatever they want. No crafting time etc.

The easier way for them to balabce this change is to make people build in low grade and upgrade it individually. YES it would be a hassle but it would help ALOT with how the system theyre trying to implement can be balanced for a PvP sense. Or add a small animation to building like 4 seconds or 8 idk. But to make it so raiding isnt soo useless

Server transfers and much more has made it easy to just up and leave… they need to remove that feature ESPECIALLY with the pay to win garbage they have going on with siptah joining exile lands… server transfers should be WITHOUT any loot of any kind period. Just your recipes and level 60 character. There are tons of other fixes they can implement to help with alot of the things in conans core that is wrong. Yes Hackers, Ddossers, Exploiters need to be banned but why have people banned for building when it is a CORE FEATURE? Add yourself a system to prevent this and or make it more useful/less spam and laggy with territory flags or something stated beforehand…

Easy body vault fix… no body despawning… you starve to death after the said window you would despawn or something to prevent body vaulting… you want the loot? Keep playing on your server… my buddy Ceronesthe broke it down in this cideo and alot of easy fixes to the problems we all face be sure to check it out!
Everything Wrong with Conan Exiles (And How to Fix It) - PVP Review and Suggestions - YouTube

I highly doubt Funcom will change the building system in favor of PvP.

The majority of the playerbase are city/castle builders. Just look at the launcher and how many building videos are promoted. They clearly target this audience.

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With ideology like this and etc will only serve in a negative way. We need to be optimistic and just push the issue as much as possibile and get as many people behind this as possible. The more voices the better off we will be.

Will they do this? Who knows maybe they already have and we dont know it since 3.0 is “one of if not the biggest update conan will get” so :person_shrugging: :thinking: :wink: we gotta stay hopeful and raise these issues before the launch of 3.0 that is our only option unfortunately. Hopefully they seen Ceronesthes video and heed and use what he is saying as i believe all of what he says in that video hold HUGE MERIT and would hemp the overall core of the game. Just have to be careful not to give them negative vibes from the forum posts that make them not interested in reading it.

We got this. Just like promote solutions and share. We will get changes we just have to get the community behind it. Official pvp community that is… not the fake forum pvpers also mentioned by Ceronesthes in his video which i have had to fight tooth and nail on arguements who hinder the community majority in getting together and behind positive changes…

Edit: Also note that any changes regarding using mods and or something outside the game are UNACCEPTABLE as it leaves behind people who dont wanna play with admin with possible abuse… are on console… or any other issues with mods… not to say mods are bad for the game. But the core game shouldnt need mods to function as intended. Mods should be an addition NOT a fix to core mechanics.

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I’m strongly against gods and very large bases, I think both should be removed from the game in various ways (but not stupid bans). Right now PvP is essentially a game of “who throws the avatar first when the opponent isn’t expecting it”.

Yes and No i like the God system, The bubble is not hard to upkeep with a good clan. gods are essential in my opinion for smaller clans to compete and to get rid of landclaim and or Big bases where they just repair from bombs, gods can make enough damage that is not repairable immediately, So that is an issue if building suggestions were taken and landclaim etc. it would work without gods but not until then.
We can agree on no bans over builds and or stuff that is a core mechanic of the game so that is good

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