A Warning System?

I respect your take here.

Mind, in my long post I hope I did not allude to a possible way to have a back-and-forth exchange with the Admin. That would not be healthy in my opinion, and I think just providing all the information upfront to the player and then closing the ticket is probably best.

Having this be immediately available is key in my opinion. And Erjoh also makes a point by stating:

With the player base on the same page, that’s a win.

Huge win in my opinion. I see accusations on the forums of admins not properly investigating tickets. I hope to remove all doubt with transparency.


I don’t think you did. If I take your prescription of a screenshot and a brief description, which I personally think would be great, over time those would build a body of evidence in the hands of the playerbase. This body would give a contextualized understanding of the rules even if they remain vague. I don’t think FC is comfortable with such a body existing, less so being the ones to generate it given their past behavior. I’d be happy to be wrong about that.


This. Assuming admins have an actual reason for the wipe/ban, it wouldn’t cost them much to write, in a summarized way, the reasons that lead to such decision to the player. It’s the least they could do. They do know which was the infraction, right? Or do they ban based on how they feel about it? I doubt it (and it would be terribly wrong if such was the case). So, in two or three sentences they could explain the violation to the player


I agree. My hope with my suggestion is to be transparent (and helpful!) to players, cut out the extra Zendesk tickets that are filed just for the “ban info” tickets, give the admins pause to prove that they truly are investigating the reports fully, and teach the player base what examples or situations do cause legitimate bans and wipes to occur. If an admin submits a ban message to a player with no image and no explanation, the player can absolutely file a ban appeal and explain that the form was completed improperly. It probably should be required to have an attached image and a body of text on the form before the admin can close a ticket.


I completely agree with this approach. I just wanted to call out that this would also require some development effort, i.e. it doesn’t come out of the box. As far as I understand how things work right now, bans/suspensions are simply handled as blacklists distributed to official servers, and the server only checks if the Funcom account has been blacklisted or not.

Personally, I believe that the development effort involved would be more than justified, and I hope the devs decide to do something like that, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.


sadly i dont see it happening,

they have problems to simply put clear rules, you think they will spend the money to do all that?

NO, sadly imho they wont.

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Thank you for your well thought out reply!

They used to back in the early stages of the ToC revamp in September 2021. I won’t explain the specifics but we were in the wrong and suspended. If it wasn’t for the clarification we received via Zendesk we still would have been confused. But, it was integral in our understanding of what we did and we have not repeated those land claim mistakes since. I appreciated the communication and my clan decided that we’d ensure we’d always be in the know of ToC and changes as they occurred. This is not including of course lack of understanding of the ToC as it stands, just that we kept informed and did our best.

I have seen a degradation in the process since. When we think about claims of report meta, mass reporting, etc.,… there’s been a clear shift in how Zendesk deals with reports and how players are using it as well. This appeared to start around November-December 2021.

Attempts from players to get clarification since that time have been like talking to a wall. The wall is gigantic and says “abuse of the building system to block content of the game” that is repeated at each step. This brings me to the idea of what “other areas of the game” means. But I’m not going to rehash this conversation as there’s multiple posts and comments about it.

Love it that you’re bringing up the time that is spent though. They could instead start from the beginning with an in game system for informational purposes during the suspension/ban process as suggested.

Another thought I’m having as people have been saying on the forums (and I have experienced this too) that they’re receiving automated emails from Zendesk after a few weeks from putting in a report that that apologizes and that they’re overwhelmed (paraphrasing) which suggests that they have been receiving many tickets. These auto replies were happening before 3.0 though; I’ve seen it suggested that they’ve been overwhelmed with bug reports since that huge patch. They’ve hired more people to help deal with that. I’d say maybe a bit of both but I’m not convinced that is only tickets for 3.0 because it was happening previously as well.

While I wouldn’t be opposed to active admins in real time I don’t think that is cost effective and realistic. Most games don’t have that level of oversight. I’ve abandoned that suggestion.

Which brought me to considering a warning system as a suggestion, partly inspired by others on the forum as well.


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