A way to appease the consol crowd while we wait

Seems the console crowd is frustrated waiting on the update. How about giving us double harvest rates until the patch is released? Might appease some anger if we are at least getting something while we wait.


No seas pesado, simplemente lo que hay que hacer es no jugar hasta que lo actualizen

That sounds good but most of the people that keep crashing are still using the very old and out of date xbox and i really don’t want to say it but its true i got a brand new Xbox one x and I played the game for 15 plus hours yesterday with out crashing so if your not updated you should sorry but it’s true


Yo tampoco e tenido problemas el único pues que no tenemos la isla de siptah y ya a pasado 31 de marzo y por lo tanto es publicidad engañosa, pero por lo demás bien.

I have the Xbox x so i rarely crash, but hold to my thoughts. People are scrambling wanting the update ASAP which Funcom says is in certification. So give the console people something in the meantime. Then maybe they won’t be freaking out so much about not getting the patch each day, instead they will be enjoying the double gathering until the patch comes… seems a win win

Yeah I agree but what i was saying how many people gonna benefit from it most people on Xbox crash every 5 t0 minutes then when they lose their stuff they come back here and cry about how they lost their stuff trying to harvest it would be nice if they did do a x2 harvest for the ones that don’t crash but even then people that crash alot well be right back here saying it’s not fair funcom people with the new xbox are the only ones benefiting from this so at the end of the day funcom can’t win facts.

Please NO!!!
Last “gift” they gave us caused more trouble than ever. It was the extended decay timers at Christmas time. It meant that we had to wait forever to get stuff cleaned off from where it should not have been. . . Shattered Springs was garbage for months cause some toxic players killed the brimstone spawning there. (On xbox they just turned off the timers to make it equitable with the other platforms.) Without lots of brimstone, it was not feasible to make enough explosives to blow it all up.

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