A way to find server owners?

After the patch came out all official servers were packed with players after the first hour. Sadly me and my friends weren’t one of them, so we went on a unofficial server with the same stats as a normal one. The problem is now the server has bugged out and no one can connect to it. It keeps loading and then says fail to connect. Other players have it 2. Now i would contact the server admin, sadly i can’t because i don’t know who he/she is. Is there a way to find who owns the server and contact them?

Link to server info:
topconanservers/server/ Add the https :// and the . com after topconanservers

Note it says that 9 players are currently online, unless these have a real game addiction i doubt they have been on for 14h+. Im also one of these players so i can confirm its not the case.

Thanks in advance for the help

Sorry to say but there is not. Some servers put the community name in the title, but not all do. For the most part people usually only join private servers of people they know, and open ones are usually poorly moderated. I would recommend finding another one. If you are looking for a PVE server where you are free to do as you please then mine is always open. Just let me know and I will get you the info.

Its friendly of you, but we are looking for a PVP server that isn’t to hardcore. Something where we have safe times so we don’t have to worry while we work.
Thanks anyway mate