A way to stop purge griefing on PVE/PVE-C

For months now purges are being used on official PVE-C to grief other players by purge pulling. In the past days this has been used to destroy player bases and loot the contents by a handfull of players, who also spam claim to block other players and lately have resorted to sell claimed land to newcomers.
As every buiding piece is associated to a clan, why can’t it be that purges are set up to only destroy buildings by the clan they have been designated for? This would end this abuse instantly…or is it wanted?


I don’t know if it’s wanted or not, but right now it’s the only way to fight back against trolls and griefers. Sucks if they remove it, sucks if they don’t. PVE-C really needs some kind of a clan war system :confused:

Well in our case, it’s the griefers using it

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