A wonderful experience

I have never felt this excited about a game. For weeks I was excited to get home and load up Conan Exiles while sipping from a nice cup of coffee. :coffee:

The Art direction deserves a thread of its own. Everything looks incredible, from the thin layer of sand on top of the sand texture of the base layer. Try tilting your camera so as to peek below the top layer of sand and you will know what I’m talking about. :sand

I spend months being amazed at something as trivial as footprints. It looks incredibly good.



Unfortunately these HIGH / ULTRA graphics are only available on PCs with good cards. :sob:

People who play on the Console, I play on XBOX X myself, have to be content with graphics on Medium / Low, and there are no footprints in the sand on the consoles.

Let’s see now with the PS5 / XBOX SERIES X, if they release the graphics in ULTRA HIGH, filters at most, it would be better still if they remake the game in Unreal Engine 5. :hugs::hugs::gift:

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Well as Angel said… I never saw nothing so amazing in the graphic environment (PS4 user here), otherwise everything is almost quite flat and simple (HZD or RDR2 are far far far far away from this level considering it compared to other open mapped games), but yes, the artistic design was quite interesting even without not so “high level” textures in the environment (I sincerely amazed how they could not replicate footprints on consolle, but lets skip that):
So the game has a very delicious idea, the map is interesting and very amazing, especially in the first months (once you know that it deflates really fast), and keeps you engaged in exploring.
Surely Conan would need some… high performance engine(ers) to keep the race on with top games but, nonetheless, the all idea behind it is great.
(Unfortunately is behind ^^)

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It was enjoyable at times on PS4 PRO, but it should have NEVER been ported to consoles in the state it was upon release and has only gotten worse over time.

I have been away from Conan for over 6 months in the hopes that some of the glaring issues would possibly be acknowledged finally and worked on, but sadly after signing into these forums again for the first time in awhile… There only seems to be a myriad of new issues & very little acknowledgement of the issues plaguing this game since day 1 :flushed:

I do feel i derived some enjoyment out of my hundreds of hours solo & playing with others over time, but keep in mind that playing everyday meant dealing with that myriad of problems = rare items / thralls / pets disappearing for no reason + corrupt save files + numerous server wipes (after 100+ hours invested loosing everything) + constant graphic fidelity issues + not being able to log in for days & weeks at a time + offline purges inside bases destroying everything + constant rubber banding + pop-in on objects directly infront of me as minimal as rocks and bushes… Just to name a few :unamused:

Don’t get me wrong there were enjoyable moments, but when balanced against everything else, it always took away from those moments. I remained patient & hopefull FUNCOM would step up and fixe these issues eventually, but by the looks of the forums = it seems not much has changed and that breaks my heart :cry:

I wanted this to be the great game it could have been, but something is being withheld from it’s players + fans + customers on FUNCOMS end because no game that runs the way it does should have ever been pushed as a port to console unless it was simply a money grab and if i am wrong about this which i easily could be… It leads me to my next educated guess that the game at a core level was never meant to run as it truly should on console level whether it was to due to the engine it is modeled around and primarily being only designed as a PC game initially or the team that handled the port process was inexperienced or worst case scenerio the ports were broken from day 1 without hope of ever get patched to a complete state and this information was kept from everyone :no_mouth:

None of the above scenarios would surpise me as i have worked in the industry for a number of years and have seen all examples played out numerous times = this and other reasons i won’t get into, is why i only play games now and want nothing to do with the production / creation / business side of gaming. It is not an enjoyable industry to work in anymore and all the greed and deceit is rampant :flushed:

Sorry about the rant, but this game seems to bring it out of me. I will say though that the thought of modding CONAN does sound very appealing and more than often, i can almost always trust MODDERS to fix a game that it’s originating company & creators outright refuse to or are incapable of doing so = both examples not being good consumer practices no matter which way you look at it :confused:

I still hold onto a sliver of hope that the New Map / DLC will learn from it’s mistakes and improve on them, but i am not holding my breath and will absolutley NOT purchase it until a few months of testing + patching & fixes are released and even then i am still on the fence about investing anymore time into a FUNCOM product.

I truly hope your experience remains as good as you say and i am glad you feel thia way about the game… Because i felt the same way initially and periodically over the last 2 years.

Happy Hunting Exile

The Horse Riding is my newest revelation in this game. It is glorious to ride across the exiled lands. In the beginning, fighting on horse seemed tedious, but since I get the hang of it, a serious powertrip! Not only a good way to travel fast and secure from the various beasts, enjoying the landscape, but it also feels nice to handle.

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Conan Exiles is a masterpiece. It deserves to be put on a golden pedestal or a throne and remembered for all eternity. Mankind has never achieved such a glorious feat of craftsmanship before Conan Exiles was released.

Like if this game deserves a Nobel price :wink::point_up_2:

I was cut short writing my OP.

The designs are so realistic and the architecture is something out of architect’s digest.

While the community managers are saints. These guys have the patience of saints and always act responsible and respectful.


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