AA-Monitor as Google Sheet

I’m using an OpenOffice Sheet for tracking my AA progression and just translated it into a base for Google Sheets that I wanted to share with you.
Just copy the content, create your own sheet and you can custumize it with your own characters (sign in google, File → Copy File*).
Usage: only edit the grey fields (columns A-F, but not the hidden E)
Date: current date
Time of Day: hour of day (0-23), decimals are possible, so 2:30 would be 2,5 or 2.5 depending on your region
Amount of Hours: the number your AA tree tells you
Name of Feat: optional.

all other columns are filled with formulas, so dont change them
if the day has come your AA is ready, it will be marked green; if it exceeded it will be marked red
I also included the first 4 steps your AAs can be ‘bought’, so lets say you have 4 expertise points to spend, you look in column O & P (72 hours earlier) and check when that date and hour has come; if you want more than the first 4 steps, just copy the formula in those cells and change the 72 to 90, 108 and so on

since i created the sheet with german settings i hope just copy & pasting works in your region, if not, let me know

*the file can also be downloaded for certain desktop apps like excel or open office, if you dont want to use google

have fun

//fixed an error


This is very useful tyvm!! :slight_smile:
To date I always used a normal wordpad file and manually calculated the timing, sometimes I did mistakes and left untrained toons for days lol

Very helpful! Thanks!

I copied it into my Google docs and modified the date format (m/d/yy) and language (english) and it works great. If I’d had this a few years ago I’d have at least twice the AA’s I do now, lol!

Thanks Again! :grin:

I’m glad you like it, thx for the replies :slight_smile:

Doesn’t your guild bot do this?

If you are lucky enough to be in guild that runs one, yes. And if you want tot have all of your characters in that guild.
But this solution is offline, and independend of a guild.