AA time training?

Hello I’m a lvl 55 BS recently starting new, with a question about AA. The sticky post about all the AoC expansions says that AA can be time trained beginning at level 20. I’m not sure if that helps me or not, but if I click it, it doesn’t seem to start any sort of timer or do anything. It auto-selects back to points instead after I close the menu. Is time training just for after level 80? More broadly, what is the best way to get the AA I will need to do PvE raid heals after I ding 80?
Edit: I have a premium acct

You need to be subscribed / premium to use AA time training.

I am

Starting with the basic questions: You do click on “time training” left bottom corner, and then you click on the AA you want to train? If you do that, on your selected AA a timer should start.

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ahhh thank you, I didn’t think to click on one to start a timer. I thought it was going to count hours like a bank of time, similar to the bank of experience points. To spend later