Aaaaaaaaaaaah! cost of magic

The jumps in this quest are impossible for me. I have read and followed all advice about sprints trying to get a rhythm etc.

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I think the rhythm bit is only really important if you’re trying to do the insanely fast achievement. If you’re just trying for completion, then you can afford to get yourself well positioned on almost all of the jumps. The last 2 (to get over to the pouch) are on a much shorter timer than the main climb, and if you fall there it’s even more vexing!

Best of luck!

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Group up with someone and let them do the jumps :v:

I believe for me lowering all graphic settings to 1 was as important as low-speed, not-mount sprint. Rhythm just came naturally after my character suddenly started to jump when I press button and not half-sec later. :no_mouth:

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If you have a modern keyboard, or a mouse, one might be able to program perfect jump macros with machine impeccable timing.