Abandoned buildings

Hi, as an Admin of a private server is there a way to get owner of abandoned buildings?
There was an active Player on my server, he built 4 small bases and now he quite and delete his character (i think he did endgame).

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@sestus2009 may be ur goto guy on this

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@MarkSawyer be glad to help. If you are sure he has left the server you can take his place down bit by bit in admin. Use a Avatar must set enable building damage. Or let it decay. Left over thralls and pets more of a pain in the neck. Are you pvp Pve or pvec. I will be back tomorrow good night.

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Avatars can also kill pets so an all around solution you suggested I think it is

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To me it sounded more like OP wanted to take ownership of the buildings, rather than tear them down?

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It is PvE. Yes i want to take ownership by this buildings.
I’m pretty sure he delete his character, i’ve last saw him on monday evening and yesterday all his buildings are abandoned and show “no ownership”.

I don’t believe there is a way to do that on PS4. On PC (as as server owner) it might be possible via some black magic and/or mods, but PS4 is vanilla only. I’m no expert on being a server admin in either case, but at least now it’s clear what the goal is.


Contact the guy, have him join your clan and then leave. Everything will be yours to enjoy, free of charge :slight_smile: good luck…

Problem is, the guy deleted his character.

Well since his character doesn’t exist maybe just destroy it or let it decay or spawn an avatar to clean everything up,surely you can with the admin panel. Must be a very nice building since you want it but doubt you can do anything to make it yours at this point. Maybe spawn in resources and duplicate it. Idk

Thanks everybody for your responses. After i realized theres no way to own I dismantled the buildings.

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