Abandonment Settings & Building Decay

What are the specifc game mechanics pertaining to ABANDONMENT SETTINGS when abandonment is enable & building decay time multiplier is set to the default 1?

For instance, if there is a clan of 4 members & they have built 2 different bases (1 in swamp; 1 in snow) how does decay work?

  • Does it only depend upon just 1 on them logging into the Sever?
  • Does it depend upon a member from the clan actually visiting both bases & physically using a base door?
  • Does it mean that no matter what a clan does the buildsings will always decay & eventually disappear unless repaired?
  • What, specifically?

Is there a better link which describes the specific in-game mechanics pertaining to the details of decay if set to enabled & a building decay time multiplier is set to the default value of 1?

I also want to know this. I play on 2 servers so this is important. I had my cooking station disappear yesterday with no event log record. I logged on regularly, used the station, it was on a foundation (not sure if this matters because other things NOT on blocks where still there), so I’m confused. It would be nice to know exactly how this works.

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