Ability to copy building data between Live Server and Single Player Standalone Instances

It would be nice if you could execute some command on a public server that would create a file which you could import into a new single player standalone instance you are admin on everything owned by you inworld. Specifically all the structures, so you could then experiment with modifications to your buildings on the single player standalone instance before trying out the changes on the live server. Also it would be nice if you could copy the foundation placement holograms from a single player standalone instance server to live via a similar file. That would enable you to to a build on the single player standalone instance and at least be able to copy the foundation layout over to a live server for proper foundation placements.

If they would implement it, they would have to chose if they only copy your own bases or the whole server.
I’m not a programmer but I think that option 1 is pretty hard to do. Option 2, copying the whole server is nothing you can do for pvp servers because then people will just copy their enemies bases into their singleplayer and figure out easy ways to raid them or just look at the base layout to know what doors lead to nothing and where the loottooms are and everything.

Just no. All building instances in SQLite DBF are linked to their master’s ID, and you can select them with just one SQL query. It’s not so hard to transfer all this data to another brand-new and empty realm. Problems arise if you try to insert such data into populated realm 'cause you can get collisions with existing structures. Nevertheless it’s possible too - but I’m too lazy to think about such things :wink:

As I said, I’m not a programmer :sweat_smile:

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