Ability to set attributes manually

I am a player that loves switching builds on the character i use .
I would love to have the option of adjusting directly the numbers, instead of clicking multiple times when i reset my attributes .
So maybe think of it FC …


On PS4 with hitting the Square button you can jump to the next perk in the attribute, if you’ve enough attribute points left. Very useful to quickly switch builds. Doesn’t it exist on PC and / or XBox ?

nope and nothing similar… even this would be appreciatted… if we need 30 vitality we need to click 30 times with mouse to go there :confused:

It does exist on PC if you’re using a controller. I think it may have been added recently within the last few months.

I am under the imrpression on pc you can click the next 10 “dot” to spend until there. Cant test now to be sure.

@Agnusthemagi I’m not able to do this :frowning:

Unfortunatelly i am an old school gamer… so old plain mouse and keyboard for me :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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