Able to capture,brand and behead players

I would like to add humanity system in online mode. First items need is whip,shackles,cage,brander and guillotine.

A branded or killied by guillotine player can’t be capture for 1 week. 1 week real life time.

You have to capture and brand a player before beheading them.

Players need to be knock out or use surrender emote. Which then allows you to put shackles on the players. There is a bonus movement speed increase to shackle players. A 15% movement speed bonus. When shackle enemies can loot you. So now comes the hard part. Getting shackle prisoners to your base to brand them.

Shackle prisoners shows a bright light in the sky. Other players want you to fail. When you fail to bring alive prisoner to you base you instead get a brand. It called fail enslaver. Fail enslaver appears above your head for 1 weeks. This brand disabled your ability to capture players. Make sure the player is feed,given water and properly cloth. Don’t need to fail, because the player was frozen,burning up,hungry or thristy.

The prisoner must be move to a cage where you take care of the player. Feed,give water,keep warm or cool down. The branding tool takes 3 mins to start up.

The brand can be place right hand,left hand,forehead,back,back of neck,left butt cheek or right butt cheek.

Only 1 brand at a time. Last 1 week. Then you can decided to behead or let the player go.

This can Only happen to a player once Every 7 days. As to keep people from abusing it.