Able to destroy turtle ness

Tired of baby turtles spawning in and near my base.

No way around it unless you build away from them at this time

My idea is to be able to destroy turtle ness.

I would like them to make it where you can destroy npc camps take them over and new ones pop up somewhere else. Would make game a little more exciting to explore and find camps where used to not be one.

No. For the emotes and recipes. Destroying camps is a bad idea.

I dont think that is possible.
If they would allow building once one cleared a camp, and afterwards being under constant pressure (=nonstop purge) with only short breaks between those waves, it would be really cool. It would require those inhabitants to spawn and attack though. (Plus a few more fighters of that certain tribe.)

@Bryan_Skull: Did you try building the foundations on top of the nests, causing them to “disappear”? (Look into your hotkey bindings. The one that rises the stuff you want to build.)
Wouldn’t be the thing you are asking for, but at least some workaround.

Nest don’t disappear.

No they dont really.
You simply build so much around it that you cannot see it anymore. That is the workaround I mean.