About bosses in unnamed city

quick question guys does all the bosses in the unnamed city have the same loot table? i am after the crom sword, (lost mine as my follower dissapeared and died almost in front of me, (and its body never to be found.)
iirc i believe it was dropped either by the red mother or the wraight.

has anyone found the sword of crom in any other of the bosses?


the bat drops the submarine snorkel :slight_smile:

I got it by the red mother on testlive, but i believe it may be random. Not sure.
Several persons loot would be needed to say it for sure.

i strongly believe each boss has its own unique table,

i was also told that red mother does not spawn it. so this needs investigtation :slight_smile:

You may ask @Multigun or some other modder: they can see loot tables in the Dev kit :shushing_face:

Peolple already have :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve killed ~15 new bosses (undead and the Red Mama) in the Unnamed city, and haven’t got a single new weapon drop yet. Piles of legendary repair kits, and nothing to use them on.

(No, actually my Captain has killed them. I’ve just helped a little. But when one of those big armored Skeletors and my Captain start hacking at each other with greatswords, I just really, really don’t feel like going into that storm of sharp objects.)


yes i believe the rate they drop legendaries is kinda on the low side, hopefully they can increase it a bit

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