About buildings and obelisks

I am in a server (PvE) where this annoying clan has been building as close as possible to the obelisks and then they swarm it around with thralls and pets.

As you can imagine, when you try to use the teleport feature the game halts and marks an error…


And i am really annoyed because i have no idea where can i report either this behavior or this performance issue. Anyone can guide me?

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There should be a great un-buildable zone around dungeons, obelisks and any other point of interest for the game.

Well this guys have built… 60 paces from it? And swarm with thralls as close as possible to it so when you teleport it goes to hell… jungle and sinkhole are specially dangerous but even when u come back, you are 1/4 on corruption it sucks


I don’t understand how building around dungeons and closing off major points of PvE content is still an issue.
Your lack of community support and diligence in being Admins is appalling.
This was an issue back when I played what, 2-3 months ago?

I return to try out a PvE Conflict server, I’ve been here for 5 days and what a surprise? Same problem and nothing has been done about it.

I even filed a report and took screenshots as proof (as they said they needed), and on top of that a private PSN message with them blatantly saying that they’ve been doing this for a while and haven’t had any repercussions.

This is the kind of thing they do… when you appear, the pets react altogether, causing the game to crash and many times to fall of the ledge because even when the game crashed your character keeps walking. You come back to a naked character and your things all the way down a pit.

Please, could any admin check if something can be done? It is the same clan doing this all over the obelisks.

another example, this kind of thing makes the game crash… obelisks should be a no build zone.

Part of issue is, no matter how big no build zone is…they just build bigger.

Few idea have been posted to slow it, ad stop it. takes abit of dev time to rework the whole thing.

And with no Mods or Admin on Official servers, Best you can do is send message to them, being nice about it.
Keep records.

When enough evidence is given, they may act on it. There not gonna hand out bans on little info. =/

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