About official server character merges - possible issue

So I have a new character made already, on the server that the “merge message box” states my character will be sent to, when the servers are merged. How is this going to work if i already have a character there?

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Welcome, sorry it’s taken so long to get you an answer. After re-checking all the pertinent posts, I really don’t know what will happen.

This was answered in one post of the 1000 on that thread. The official answer is this. The last character you played of the two will be the character that stays. The other will be removed.

Unofficially, I wouldn’t trust this at all as this is completely novel stuff for the dev team to work with and so I don’t trust the kinks were fully vetted. Either delete one of them or move one of the via normal character transfer rules. If you have the time, you may be able to move the entire base on the receiving server character if you have an alt account or member of a clan but factor 6 day for a full circle trip.


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