About patch release

It looks pretty good for us to release the patch this week

i wonder if the “patch also looks “good” for them to release it next week?” cause this week i dont see it coming. (despite the announcement) .

well at least we are all used to get delays from funcom, (its been like 7 already) so nothing new in the horizon. .

have a wonderful thursday.

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It seems you will loose indeed the bet Palm, pitty because I was cheering for you. (I guess everyone was, we all want this damn patch already to do something new on the game).

But being so, just create another acc on the forums to keep posting :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, yeah, it is how it is. ill ask the community people, to remove this account tomorrow…

so on the patch…

hopefully they dont just replace the “we target to release patch tomorrow” for , “It looks pretty good for us to release the patch this week” every week hahahahaha.

it appears to me that funcom CE internally must be a complete disorganized mess right now, lol.

but think about it @caco if it was only some hiccups as they called it in their latest announcement ,

So, there is unfortunately one more delay and we are working on fixing these last hiccups which are linked to the building system.

then why delay it? if those were simply hiccups, it would not make sense to not deploy it now,(stating the current issues of course) and hotfix it later (unless those could be used for exploits, so my my gut feeling says it must be something major, something we haven’t told about , something that could be game breaker?. BTW all this is just pure speculation on my end. point is, i think we need to gift them a calendar for their office XD .

i will really appreciate raw honesty on whats going on. we only know what we have been told officially…


Let me tell you a little bit about a game called 7 Days to Die, where the most recent update was pushed back somewhere between 4-6 months total. It happens, a lot. You guys just need to go play the game, there isn’t even anything drastically changing.


They have been showing they are disorganized since Anarchy Online :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, I agree, I really dont understand why they take so long to clean out “details” as they say. I understand coding is not an easy job, but hey, taking days (weeks) to identify and solving such bugs makes me think that their coders are not that skilled /or the lazyness level is above normal /or they’re busy with another project and CE lost priority.

I dont like to be the guy who throw rocks at them or be a doomsayer, but despite their communication that is more frequent than other companies, it doesnt feel like they are happy to work on CE, it doesnt feel like Jens and Tascha said on the last stream that they (FC) “care” about the game.

I mean, the fact that they are working on patches / hotfixes, this focus on cleaning out bugs and working on the core system is a very welcome move, and Im sure most of the community appreciates that, we’re really glad for them for doing this, but at the same time, it feels like the game is a burden for them, its like it became a nuisance for the coders, It feels like they didnt plan well the course of the developing project, and lost track on the way and want to finish to rush another project.

I remember the first day on EA back in january 2018, after several hours playing, late night, talking to the only online player besides me, he said “Funcom, great ideas, bad execution”, unfortunately, he is right. I wish Funcom hire more coders, or just get help with other companies to get this game on its deserving place.


Eventually, if CE becomes like 7dtd, with nothing happening, there will be none or very few stubborn lifeless players left, multiplayer game? Good luck with that.

we are so looking forward to the change… seeing clan mates on the map and being able to move around boxes and crafting stations… QOL improvement that we all want…

I played in early access… compared to then, the game is rock solid…

…and yeah… more communication is almost always better… hint hint Funcom!

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Can you save the personal insults? Seriously.


Im sorry Multigun, but this is what it seems, and personally, I like to be told my flaws about my work, good or bad, every criticism is constructive.

I will always play on both sides, I will thank and joy about their good work, but I will say when I think sonethings is wrong aswell.


Seriously guys, the programmers at CE are some of the best…look at the amazing game so far. I understand the frustration, but we are probably talking about newly discovered exploits in the patch which are hard to find and one reason there is a test server. Just picking parts and pieces to release is unrealistic unless the exploit is completely explored and eliminated. Imagine the community upset if an unreported exploit was released with the new building system…something that might allow someone through your walls, etc. Funcom is absolutely doing the right thing but understandably some of the players are so anxious for the new release that they may say stupid things in frustration.


Hear hear, @Fygmint. I’m on TestLive every day in both optimal server and struggling server environments, and no matter how you slice it the game is a joy to play. My feeling is they are squashing the tar out of exploits, and my hope is these improvements will make it into the new Live Patch. Based on how it plays now, it’s already worth the wait.

speculation on your part, period.

so am i saying stupid things? Be careful! … be respectful of others opinions.

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Telling someone there’s a bug. That’s constructive criticism and pointing out flaws their work. Telling them they shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep is constructive criticism and pointing out flaws in their work. Telling them they should communicate more (Which really they communicate frequently) is constructive critism.

Saying that you believe they’re not skilled is neither constructive nor is it pointing out the flaws in their work. If you want to say they suck, say they suck. But don’t try to act like the good guy when you get called out for it.

As for the patch, definitely frustrating and despite their stated wish to want to post intended deadlines, I do have to agree with some. It’s better to underestimate yourselves and set a longer deadline and take people by surprise when you’ve got it done early… than to repeatedly tell people tomorrow… tomorrow…tomorrow. Honestly, I’m okay with the delays. I’m just a bit… disappointed that they keep saying… well tomorrow.


well, in their defense they said :

It looks pretty good for us to release the patch this week

problem is , i believe they are not deploying it this week. and they might say on next one :

It looks pretty good for us to release the patch this week

and so on.,

as a customer/gamer funcom credibility is …well, going south VERY VERY FAST. because of that , as an industry veteran, i really hate how they handle PR, its doing damage to funcom, and problem is they believe they are doing a great job, which in my book is not the case. (with how communication and commitments are handled)

i believe they care about the game, i really do, its just inexperienced people communicating. (sorry for stating my opinion on the subject, but all i can say is to comment what i am looking , not what i am not seeing.)

if they have found a major problem say so, dont keep us hanging with some “hiccups” something that has been announced and delayed almost on a daily basis…


Bah, spare me with that altruism crap, if you check my history you will see plenty of feedback bugs and suggestions about their features, not counting in CE reddit before this forum came to exist. Using words like “lazy” or “not skilled” is very different from “suck”, Im no kid on the forums but Im no fanboy aswell, Im just a costumer giving my opinion about the product I bought.

Like I said, I will always cheer to FC when they deliver good things for the game (and make the game working like we all want), but I will point out what I think its wrong, and this means not being able to solve hiccups on an interval of a day or two and having such long delays to do so, for me, yes, this seems lack of skill or lazyness, if not, I would be pleased to be informed by any CM whats going on, if there are other more serious isses we’re not being told about.


I think that a lot of the frustration comes in when there are half cooked half thought out ideas implemented that ultimately cause as many problems as they solve. A good example of that would be the thrall feeding system implemented to combat abandoned thralls…It helped some but you still find them so why is that? its because it was never considered that people wouldn’t use the thrall feeding pot and instead pack the inventories with food. A friend of mine was just telling me that even tho he let his base decay months ago he still has months worth of time on his thralls before they run out of food. That’s just one example and i am sure others can add in many others.

The point that’s trying to made I think is that it is much better to say I am going to run past the deadline because I (insert reason here) as opposed to…don’t worry we will figure it out…mabey tomorrow…

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It’s hardly altruism. I just don’t like when people don’t have the proverbial balls to stand behind their opinion, and instead try to cover it up by ‘oh I’m the good guy, I’m just trying to help.’ If you want to call them out call them out. Just… accept it if you catch flak for it.


you dont have to like it, respect others people opinions


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says the guy who have the “proverbial balls” and like to be the one who says the pretty words to feel superior in a game forum, how heroic.

hummmmm… so, instead of using “not skilled” and “lazy” should I just use “you suck” ??? heh, go figure. Anyway, enough, this is not going anywhere.

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You guys can think and talk what you like. Everybody has his priorities. But my is to have a good working patch. And a good working patch is something that does patch things and not break them. Simple, isn’t it? I give a damn thing of schedule as long it doesn’t take 6 month for this kind of patch. Why should I rant about delaying a patch a few days or a week because they noticed some bugs they feel to address before release? I mean, seriously? Why the hell should I beg for a patch with bugs? Now you start picking words of the community team, because they worded it hiccups.

It’s a big patch and it takes some time. That’s completely normal and okay. Some people say “do smaller but more frequent patch” because they probably want to visualize the progress of patching the game. But FC as the developer and company running that business, which is likely to be highly interested in an ongoing success of their product, decided that it’s the most promising way to do those large patches. I can imagine various reasons for that. But every dude or another, who once have seen some piece of code in his life, knows better or just can’t keep his patience until it is done.