About patch release

For you to suggest that Tascha or Funcom “thinks that the community is stupid” is insulting. It is simply not true - you might realize that if you were properly engaged with Funcom and the community. Clearly you are not seeing, reading, or paying much attention here. :unamused:

Funcom is deeply invested and engaged with the community. They have done figurative somersaults and backflips for the players and the community. Not only that, they are genuinely thankful and appreciative for the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives that the players bring to them in this and other forums. For you to come and suggest otherwise is terribly insulting. Not only that - it has a risk of doing harm by frustrating the Funcom teams that do come through here to the forums to reach player feedback, which could potentially influence them to be less engaged with the community.

Then go play Atlas. I sincerely hope that since you are using Atlas as a comparison, that that game “scratches your itch” better than this one does.


in fact there is one :
The free week end !
it seems clear now that the release patch will coincide with the beginning of the free weekend to bring back the players when new ones arrive.
Or Bring them back with friends.

I like this game and I hope there will be plenty of new players but next time, be honest and say it right away rather than make me wait and hope for weeks for nothing…

I think that would be a risk to try and time that. Their track record of releasing an update bug free seems fairly poor. So to try and delay this patch and hope everything works great to entice new players doesn’t make sense.

Would be better to release the patch as soon as its ready into live. Then check what bugs exist and try and mitigate those as quick as possible to provide the best first impression they can.

My first impression for this game (when it went retail) was horrifying. I spent about 2 weeks trying to get the game to work properly. During that period patch after patch really hindered my ability to learn and understand how to run a server. But once I got it all running, i fell in love with the game. I love it! Anyways, my point is, it doesn’t make sense to delay a patch to coincide with a free weekend. Better to have the patch in advance to ensure it works before the free weekend.

Of course thats only my opinion :wink:

That wouldn’t be a good idea at all. You want a new build out as soon as you can, to have leeway in case something needs to be hotfixed or adjusted. You want time to be able to react. Releasing a patch on the day of an event that might bring in new players is very risky. So no, that’s absolutely not a reason. If anything, It would be counter productive.


Jeese guys…

Chillax. Division 2 public beta over the weekend for free. Distract yourselves.
I’m playing X4, Empyrion, Anthem, ARK and Astroneer meanwhile.

I’m as excited as the rest of ya’ll but if your emotional welfare revolves so much around CE that ya’ll feel frustrated, ya might wanna convert that frustration into jobs, so ya can afford more games to play.

Content will always be consumed faster than it can be produced, therefore ya need more than one game, folks.

Look closely into the forum and you will find a thread or two where it’s being described how parts or in rare cases even complete bases vanish into thin air…
And that happened on CtA build.
This IS extremely bad if it happens on live. People will burn this forums to cinders…

Unfortunately I have to agree. Cant wait for that patch… But…
If my base was to vanish… I wouldnt cry but I would be unhappy.
And newcomers as well as returning people… Both would be turning away if such a thing happened to them.

(Actually several bases already vanished once when the server wasnt restarting and the admin filed a ticket. The guys at gportal took one mod off the list and the server started without. Guess what happened… Some/several people lost their complete buildings… At my place back then only the workers vanished. As well as all vanilla stations. Everyone else who was affected by this lost the mod stuff. Pretty hilarious situation…)

Laydies and gentleman, please fasten your seatbelts. We are closing in…

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you have to a complete moron to believe this.
no offense Funcom special @Tascha but the history teach us to say lol when we see this posts

What are you talking about? That they won’t patch in a hour?

I think it’s coming with a new dlc.

i do not know :slight_smile: they delay it at last minute for 5 times in 2 mounts.

if they do that we have the prove that they holdup the fix and that will be relay bad. They lost 1300 players if that will happen there trust lvl from -100 will drop to -1000

I know P.R. ppl have low skills on marketing but that is to much to do even from a newcomer in this job

They won’t announce a patch only few hours prior and than withdraw in under one hour. That doesn’t make sense at all.
If they announce a DLC, which I am expecting to happen, it has nothing to do with an update. That, too, doesn’t make sense. It would make sense to delay an DLC because they need to patch first. Or rush a patch to get needed features live for some DLC but there is no need to delay a update for DLC other than your conspiracy.

here we go again :slight_smile:
Yes game is ok yes funcom dos the best bla bla bla , im relay tired of all this . It is how you all say it is, just accept others opinions. It dos mean if i say is like this, is how i say.

They out dlc every 2 month, but they out them with a patch in th same time (yamatan dlc with last patch; pict dlc with pet patch…)
And this patch was planned for early february…2 month after last dlc/patch (decembre 2018).

I think they make good work, every patch fiw a lot of things and add others, game become better…Will you accept my opinion ?

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Ofc i do. I say that and i will say it again the Game is amazing. Only problem i have with it is the PVP side. all PVE is splendid build explore make a nice home have a garden if you want. :slight_smile: All my complains come from PVP servers. I never doubt the PVE (well except stupid AI :slight_smile: ) And i will recommend this game to any one who is looking for a casual PVE game play

they improve a lot pve for the moment, but hey speak about improve raid system.The game have still issues, yes. I think they will improve pvp, too.

That is where all exploits and bugs matters that is why PVP players get rage cause you loos 1k h of play to a bug or a exploit. And PVP in conan is hard life and you need to be online every day to defend :slight_smile: (that is why i chose this game for PVP cause is hard)

Hey everybody,

We have just posted the patchnotes and will release the patch at 1pm (CET).
You can check the patchnotes in this link:

We will proceed to close this thread. Thanks for your patience.