About pet system

I like what I read about the pet system but too bad we can’t ride the animals. It’s funny when I read about the camel part.

Camels have a higher inventory space ? lol at that we can carry more stuffs and more weight than camels !
Can’t be used as mounts. We can carry MORE stuffs than them, yet we cannot ride it, what’s the point ?

They need to make adjustment and nerf the perk for unlimited encumbrance now that the packmule has arrived. It’s weird bringing a packmule while the character itself is already the king of packmule with unlimited space and weight.

Unlimited encumbrance cancels one of the perk of having a pet for packmule purpose. Give it to one of the pet, camel or elephant(not listed) or other…

Name any game that has a packmule system but the character can carry more than the packmule.

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