About server grid

I learned in the official open server forum that changing - 1 to 0 can make the grid kill players immediately, but my server becomes random

I want the effect after the official version 2.4. Do I need to change the configuration

Mmm what? What are you referring to?

My private server anti drilling system

Ok, I guess anti-undermesh that is, change the -1 to 1 not to 0

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Hey @YBB

We imagine you’re referring to the antiundermesh system.
To enable the system in your server, change the following value to 1 or more:


The higher the number, the longer it will take for the system to kill an undermeshed player.

You can further tweak the system with the following value:

490000 is the default and equals to 7 meters. This determines how much a player can move undermesh before getting killed.


Yes, I set it like this, but it is unstable. Sometimes it will die after moving, sometimes it will take a long time to move. I hope my server will die after moving below. I follow the official 700x700 = 490000, but I can’t get the same effect. Do I want to increase the value? Or something else?

Oh, thank you. I’ll try

Make sure you are not an admin when you test, admins don’t die only normal players (at least from my tests).


I just tried, or there is uncertainty, will not move like a official uniform and die, is it necessary to increase the value?

No, but you can try lowering the distance from 490000 to something smaller if this helps. Ignasis already gave you the values that officials use.

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