About the console patch and other infos

Hello Exiles,

as you might know, we patched PC several times last week, including the big update that brought a lot of new additions, and additional hotfixes.

We also just patched the much anticipated building optimization to PC. Some more fixes for various issues as well as another Server Side Tek optimization, which should help with server performance, are planned to go out, possibly, sometime next week.

We know that you console exiles are waiting for your patch and we absolutely understand that it’s frustrating to wait for your update.

We do not have a dedicated Test Environment available on consoles, so we try to fix as many issues on PC first, before creating the parity build for consoles.
It does, in a way, work as our verification process for building the console updates.

Especially the above building optimizations and the TEK optimizations will be VERY useful for you console Exiles and we absolutely wanted to include those in your update.**
Additionally to the PC fixes we worked on above and which we want to be in the console patch, we are also focusing on getting specific crash fixes for PS4 and Xbox issues addressed.

Last but certainly not least, as you know, each console patch has to go through the Certification process at Sony and Microsoft. That process takes in average a week from when we submit the build. If the Cert fails we will have to wait for another slot, which means additional time to fix the issue that failed and then another week of certification pass on top of that.

This is the reason that we want to bundle as many fixes, that are verified through the PC patches, into one patch for xbox and ps4 and make sure these fixes work. It makes it more efficient and less risky than having to go through certification for many smaller patches.

All of these points above together are the reason why the console patches are not out yet. We are working on getting the last needed fixes in on PC to ensure that the Console patches are as stable and complete as they can be, and we are having our focus on addressing console specific crash issues.

Again, please rest assured we are aware that you are waiting and excited to get the update for consoles. We are not keeping it back just because we can, or to cause frustration with no reason. We are keeping it back so it can be as stable and as complete as possible.

We will absolutely let you know as soon as we have more info on eta of the console update. Thank you very much for your patience while we work on getting all these updates out the door :slight_smile: