About the games condition and the free play is coming up

So this is a serious question with free play days coming up Thursday the 8th how does a company do an update and offer free play days YET the game is not running properly? This game has been out for 5 years AND they still are having problems when they do an update. I understand this is part of programming but wouldn’t it benefit them to allow test live on consoles to prevent this? And how do you offer free play days on a game that is not even running properly? I am not bashing the Developers I love this game HELL I HAVE OVER 200 DAYS invested into this game! I’ve been involved in every update! But this always happens they do an update and you break almost everything in the game! At least the game is playable compared to the horse and thrall update when they broke the game so bad you couldn’t even get out of your own base. I guess I could have really sum this up that if they don’t have this fixed by the 8th and they release it to free play days in the condition that it’s in right now you are not going to attract new players you are going to push them away.

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