About the logic of placing items for crafting

I would like to point out one aspect that suggests that programmers who add decorative content are not playing the game.

Why do we make ALL chests using a builder’s hammer and one (which assembles metal frames) using a craftsman’s bench? When, having bought it at the market, I had difficulty finding it there, I was surprised and decided that this was a mistake and would be corrected. But no! It’s been there for a year now and it seems no one is going to change or fix anything…

There are a lot of such things in the game, with the lack of complete logic for their location in the construction sections. I can give another example: there are 2 thrones, one of them, stone, is made in a craftsman’s machine, and the other, ice, obtained on Twitch through a builder’s hammer (why???).


By the way, the Stygian throne has now also appeared there. I’m just curious about the programmers who did this? How can a player guess WHERE TO LOOK for this or that item that he bought at the market or obtained through Twitch?

Something is done through a builder’s hammer, and something suddenly through a craft table? Why? The same things can be in different places… Well, I would understand if everything I bought was in one place, but no!!! They are shoved in different places for me, as a player, was it at most inconvenient! Why is this happening??

Perhaps you also have such examples and would like to voice them here. for Funcom to finally find out about them?

It’s just that in another thread we were asked to tell again what errors are bothering us, besides failures through the foundation, so I decided to create this topic. Perhaps these are not the worst mistakes in the game, but these are systematically repeated actions that defy logic.

Perhaps Funcom will pay attention to this and the next time we buy, we won’t have to look: where are the things to craft?

Also, I want to point out that in the search for a crafting machine you can find things by using the search mode by DLC name, why not add the names of the sets that we buy at the bazaar there?


Personally, I’d say worst problem is the collision box. Good luck trying to place any of the new items close to a wall. No, there should at least half a meter distance from it. :ok_hand:

Craftables are EVERYWHERE.
It takes me more than 5 min to find a new bazaar purchase every single time.

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