About the recently introduced named armorers

has anyone found the one in new asgarath and the one in mounds of the dead?

been actively hunting them and not me or noone in my server has ffound one.

just checking if they spawn as they used to be a week ago over testlive (reported as such)

(werk of the lost tribe —> mounds of the dead)
( Njoror Battleborn ----> new asgarath)

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I haven’t seen the mounds and asgard on my server, either. I’ve been farming it quite a bit, too. I also haven’t seen Grr Legbiter. No idea where this guy spawns or if he’s with the purges. I don’t have the space to install the Dev tools, but I’m wondering if there is a way to tell in the editor?

I have seen and captured werk.
Only seen him once. There was also a new alchemist at the mounds. Someone the experimenter.

I killed the mounds of the dead armorer and Alchemist spawns on single player about 30 times and not a single name came up.

Has anyone seen the mounds of the dead armorer? I’ve farmed that place a lot, I even made a topic like this a few days ago and was told he spawns on the testlive but I don’t think he’s spawning on the official servers, it could just be bad luck on my part.

Has anyone seen Zoara of the marshes at the NPC City? I’ve spent even longer there than at mounds of the dead and I haven’t seen her.

I can confirm the armorer does indeed spawn at the Mounds of the Dead. I also found the blacksmith, carpenter and smelter. Given that there is only 1 spawn point for many of the named thralls there, they can be quite rare. It took me a long time to nab the armorer.

I’ve also seen Diana Steelshaper x2, Zoara and Arcen x2 (sp? the Zamorian armorer) at the Set city. I’ve heard there’s an Aquilonian that spawns there, too (Hannur of Bossonia) but I haven’t seen him yet

I haven’t tried New Asgarath yet

whats the name of the blacksmith turlututu?

Vulfeles the Hammer

found werk. now trying to get vulfeles ,… does this blacksmith gives epic repair kits?

there is two armorer locations. one in a big house, and the other outside in the small one. clearing boths… i am also after the carpenter (whats the name of it? )

there is also a couple more smlters one in mounds the other in new asgarath. also a new alchemist in mounds.

saw also a new fighter in new asgarath. :slight_smile:

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