About time for dungeon maps

As the new systems and consoles gain steam, I would venture to say more complex dungeons are on their way. So I believe it’s time to have dungeon maps (so when you are in that dungeon, the map would be of the dungeon and not of the world.


Pencil and paper are your friends here.

It may be a bit old-school, but it served us in the early 90s.


It still does, either work, gaming, shopping, I cannot do anything without a pencil and paper. These for me are in the top 10 best discoveries of the human kind, yet they have so low appreciate from people. The day these tools will go away from schools is the day humanity will make the greatest mistake ever.

I’m going to disagree. Navigating dungeons is part of the challenge.

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In some cases, it is simply impossible to make a map. For example, the Black Tower dungeon has three levels, one above the other, and the entrance to the Kingscourge Hall is exactly above the starting point of the dungeon. And other dungeons do not require accurate maps for their passage.

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Just to say… they manage to do it in other games as well as in reality (actual physical maps). So it’s possible if they want to do it.

It is a skill, that’s for sure. Some people I used to play with can spend 20min trying to get out of a dungeon - or keep going around in circles too. LOL

Heck I had clan members wanting a map of the base because they always got lost


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