About translation/localization

Hello, i want to talk about some things that have been quite itching me since i started playing this game. The spanish translation/localization is overall good but there are some little details that i have been expecting to be fixed and i would like to point some of them on this post

  • Archers from Dogs of the Desert faction that belong to stygian ethnicity are named “Alquimista Estigio” instead of “Arquero Estigio”. Other archers from the same faction are named as usual.
  • There are two items named “piel” in the game. When you skin beasts, you can obtain Hide Hide and/or Fur Fur. In my humble opinion, Hide should be translated as “pellejo” (and then the thick hide would be “pellejo grueso”) and Fur should be translated as “pelaje”. Since that would be three changes and maybe more difficult than it seems, i think that the Fur change is more important. (pellejo and piel are kind of synonyms in spanish)
  • The fragments of storm that we can collect in the Isle of Siptah (lesser ??? , unstable ??? and greater ???) are translated as “menos ¿?”, “¿? inestable” and “colosal ¿?”. I suggest “¿? menor” and “¿? colosal” for the former and the latter.

I also would like to say that i did a search about this topics on the forum, using words like spanish, localization, translation and i didn’t found a relevant thread. Please point me in the right direction if there is a better way to report this things to the developers team.

PS: excuse my english, is not my first language

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