About weapon in Conan

Weapon in game make me laught. Why ? Whats why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6_dmFDU7C0
Please anybody create mod with remade vanila weapon not what cloun

So, basically, the exact same thread as the one you created previously:

I don’t think the reasoning has changed since then.

tried kingdom come?
it’s more of a sim then action game, you may like it

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While i would love to have a more realism approach to weapon models and animations to mimic real life combat maneuvers, even in a fantasy setting such as this game, we have what we have and that’s not likely to change to critics like this, so yeah, very useful.

Try asking nicely, i’m sure there are people interested in making a mod like that, they just need someone to pay them for their precious time they can’t afford to spend for free. That could be you!


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