About weather. Again

The real world is colder at night than during the day. Even in the desert.
My suggestion is that at night in all the lands of the exiles (possibly except the volcano) the temperature should fall two divisions down. It seems to me this little thing will give a new experience of research (and life) in this harsh world. Since temperature effects now have very little effect for level 60 players. Epic armor, vitality, greatly balance the character and the player can move freely around the world with only 1 set of clothes.
I would also like to be able to change the temperature effect on the armor, due to the fact that now it is very difficult to assemble a set of the same armor to maintain balance in a given temperature zone. And assembling a set of different types of armor is aesthetically horrible.


Do not build base at the ice temple at the twentieth level? Wait the night in the north around the fire? Stock up on warm clothes and hot food for exploring the north? Now, having 20 vitality, I can run naked through all my halls of the cartographer (all obelisks except the jungle) and lose only 20% of my health. Day and night. Logically, the night should be colder.


It should not freeze in the desert, but become cooler since there is no scorching sun
PS I’m sorry if my English is too terrible, this is not my native language

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