Abysmal Wastelands | 2XP/3xH | Wiped 4/7

Hi guys,

I created a server with minimalist changes to add quality of life changes to the vanilla feel of the game. I’m an experienced server host and a fair Admin. I just got back into Conan Exiles and quickly realized there was no servers with PvP that were moderately low rates and that we’re not modded or had wiped recently.The server just wiped today 4/7/20. There is no mods, settings listed below.

Server IP:

2x Experience
3x Harvesting
No avatars
No Purge
Thrall crafting speed increased by 30%
Night cycle sped up.
The server is currently a 30 slot server but if demand requires it I have no issues increasing the maximum amount of slots.

I hope to see you all around!

Server is still fresh! To my knowledge we haven’t had anyone build on the server. Bring your friends. I look forward to gaming with you!