Abyssal Hound Pet

To be able to craft the Abyssal Hound, it requires a tamed hyena, but the Abyssal Hound is certainly a wolf.

Just wondering if it is intended to require a tamed wolf instead or this is just some wild sorcery in the works?

It’s actually not though, it’s an Abyssal Hound. It’s as much wolf as it is goat.


Would make more sense if it required both a tamed goat and wolf then!

It would make the most sense for it to be none of the above actually, given it’s a demon.

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Very true. I thought the same thing about the Abyssal armor.

You’re so argumentative for zero reason. :joy:

I could argue this, but you’re not wrong. However, I’m a stickler for lore and most arguing I do is rooted in that

so how do you make this on Siptah? does the aardwolf work? I didn’t think there were Hyena’s on Siptah.

I’m still curious if the greater hyena disappearing in the pen has been fixed yet

I did get a greater hyena on Exiled Lands server.

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Aardwolf probably won’t work. I’m reasonably sure I picked up some hyena pups somewhere around the western side of the island, but it’s been quite a while. If nothing else, there’s likely a surge you can summon that has a chance of dropping them.

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