Abyssal Remnant Bugged And general AI behaving extremely weird

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Been to the Dregs dungeon with a friend four times, last time yesterday evening.
Every single time we had to leave without killing the boss, because it does not aggro ever, only occasionally playing the “vomit” animation, without anything coming out of Its mouth. We tried entering both with And without thralls, nothing changes. Was expecting the latest PS4 patch to adress the issue, unfortunatelly that wasn’t the case. The incomplete Journey step frustrates me. Also, I might be wrong, but the overal enemy combat AI And spawning seems to be going worse and worse with every patch (most enemies spawn halfway under ground And Are thus stuck). Playing on official PVP server 3208.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter the Dregs dungeon.
  2. Get to the boss room.
  3. Enter staring contest with the slug.
  4. Cry, then leave the dungeon.
  5. Look at your unfinished Journey step.
  6. Get frustrated.
  7. Repeat after the latest patch.
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One way my crew has found to get rid of the journey step is to use poison arrows for one person and the other use regular arrows. Its a cheap way of doing it but that journey step was holding up back alot

Hello @sola25bellator, welcome to the community!

The issue with the Abysmal Remnant will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Regarding the enemy spawn issues, could you elaborate on where exactly this behavior has been observed?

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Greetings, @Hugo.
Thank you for hearing me out. The AI/spawning issue seems to mostly affect the starting area around the “noob” river, I experienced most cases in the Darfari camp prior to entering the Dregs (Sulker’s End if I am not mistaken) and the surrounding area to the east. Areas further to the north seem to be unaffected by this. Also there is a spot on the northern shore of the river near the beginning of the jungle area, where several crocodiles spawn inside one another and so create a “croco-hydra”, brings the giggles when this abomination approaches you. What may be a part of this problem is that server 3208 is very populated, frequently becoming full in peak hours so some server lag might be at fault.
Nontheless, had an absolute blast with this game so far, very looking forward to the Dregs getting fixed so I can tackle other dungeons as well ( I know I can already, but I like chronological order). So thank you, Funcom and fingers crossed for the next patch :slight_smile:

Oh, and almost forgot, this other issue is unrelated to this topic, but hopefully you can bring light on this as well, please - I am unable to join any official PvE - Conflict server, losing connection to the server as soon as I load to the game. I don’t have this problem with official PvP or PvE servers, just PvE - Conflict servers. Could it be that official PvE-C servers have stricter NAT requirements in some way? Apologies for bringing this up under this topic, but since I got your attention already… Thank you very much for any input on this.

Regarding the connectivity issue, could you provide a few examples of the specific servers you’ve tried to join?

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I’ve tried every single Official PVE-Conflict EU server - #3041, 3042, 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054. None of them work for me, while my friend can connect to them without any problems. As I mentioned already, official PVP and PVE servers work for me normally, so I really don’t understand what might be wrong.

I have seen this behavior with the Mammoths in the north. You will sometimes see the top of the mammoth, and then they will jump out of the ground like rocknoses and chase you.

Just to add my experience with both the issues, Abyssal Remnant is totally bugged right now as server admin I did some testing and found that if I fly basically touching him he aggros to me seems like his range is just ultra small he can be killed if you put a lot of points in accuracy and bring a few hundred arrows. As to the spawning issues I’ve seen the croco-hydra (that’s a great name, can we perhaps get a boss someday like that?) a few times on my server which is very low population only peaking at about 4 or 5 people so it doesn’t seem like server lag as far as I can tell.


It is not server lag it’s a known issue funcom is aware and working on it lots of people having problem. One member mentioned he soloed it no thrall and it worked . Do you have a daily reset on your server.


Just ran the Abysmal worm she would not spit acid or come out of the pool. Killed with arrows. Acid pool stayed full. Jumped in for a acid bath to harvest pool still didn’t drain. Had a bad trip and died.

Ps4 private server.

Thank you, we’ll reach out to you privately to run a few tests.

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