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I cannot access any of my live accounts through the Website (it comes up with an authentication error). However I can still play them. I want to upgrade to paid and add some points (Funcom money is awaiting if you sort this). I’ve raised a ticket but know the waiting time is extensive. Is there an easy a solution to this I;m missing. I’ve tried the old register page but that also does not work? Any help appreciated.

Update. Have changed two of the accounts passwords utilising the forget your password functionality and can still access the game with the newly generated passwords provided, but unfortunately still can’t access the associated account pages on the web site. Thoughts?

Happened to me several times as well. It seems Funcom is blocking a lot of IP-addresses and ranges. If you’re unlucky, and you just got an IP-address in that range, you can’t login, but it won’t tell you it’s because your IP-address is blacklisted.
I used the tor browser to work around this and it worked for me all the time. See if it solves your problem as well :o)

Thanks Nadya. Problem solved

Back after 3 years away. Was able to change pw’s on all accts. This was using IE11/Chrome/Edge. Cannot get into one acct again. I was able to initially get on and setup payment info. I have tried many times resetting pw. Downloaded and tried access via Tor…no go. Cleared all my cache. I just want to pay for a year, and have the pw I choose.
I am a player since late 1999, and this has always been somewhat sketchy. But now, what a nightmare.

Any help would be so very much appreciated.
Thank you

I too am a returning player. While i have access to some of my characters, I am still missing all the ones on the original account. I cannot remember the Master account name and worse the EMAIL that the master is associated with is no longer valid. I have no access to it to even retrieve an account lookup or password reset. I have sent a ticket and several emails with no response at all.

I will need Funcoms help on this but cant get any response.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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For others who are not using a VPN yet still have this issue, I recommend using the old account page.


This is what I have to do in order to manage my account through the browser.