Account Frozen and I am confused

Any Idea why an account would be frozen? I was using my character doing quests at night then when going to log on the next evening it said account frozen. It is not through being inactive because I have used it every day for, must be 2 years or more. It is the leader in guild, the only one with patron and guild warehouse access. Never done anything to annoy anyone, do not use any addons, not even allowed addons. Do not know if I need to cancel my patron do not know if I will get the change glyph things that my alt got the other day. I am just so confused. Is there a bug that has done this to a few characters with the update?

I have raised a ticket to customer services but I am aware that they will have their issues with big back logs, nothing is normal at this time. I know.

That suuuucks. I can’t even imagine because I know how long it takes.