"Account frozen" due to broken Account Management structure

Same issue occurred for me after the first PayPal transaction failed.

The 2nd PayPal transaction succeeded, after setting up PayPal pre-approval, but my account was still frozen.

I’ve submitted an email ticket, but thought it would not hurt to post here in case my issue is similar to other posters.

Edit: Thanks. Looks like your Support Team has fixed my issue!


Boy, I wish I’d read this before I subscribed last week. I hope we get credit of lost days.


Same issue occurred for me . need help

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aijai Too many problems to by FC points in the shop, i wait when he Fix the problem.

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Also such problems, support is silent (can not pay)

My account is in the same situation. First PayPal payment attempt failed second time went through and has cleared my bank, but my account is still frozen. Submitted a ticket and it’s been 4 days so far with no response. I was able to log in create a second character shortly after I made the payment. Later I found an email saying that my subscription expired then logged in the next morning to have all my character slots locked and I had to choose one. Site shows frozen status due to failed payment but as I said it has gone through and it is cleared through my bank.

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push 40 days Since email AT support


Same for me, they charged me 3 times for 1 month sub, premium worked a few days and now suddenly it is frozen? what the F?

Edit: Fixed after 17 days i openend the Ticket. Ty

This is why I dont support FC anymore.

  1. Their own system doesnt work.
  2. They promise content and dont deliver. No excuse to indefinitely new content
  3. Poor optimisation
  4. Useless customer service.

Because of all of this, I un subbed and even almost stopped playing. I moved on to WoW which despite issues, it’s far more enjoyable than AoC atm

15 days since ticket is open, buyed premium for the winter event and im getting nothing. Thanks alot Funcom for NOT caring.


Same paypal issue but solved within a week, I think the old page register.ageofconan.com/account has some issues on finishing paypal payment. Tried account.ageofconan.com/ and the payment was approved.

For buying Funcom points using Steam,
it was the exact opposite for me.

The account.ageofconan.com/ did not work and the old

It seems Funcom should merge the functioning parts of each into one that works for all payment methods.


Hey Andy, I just put in a ticket before reading this blog. I am having the same issue with my payment not completing although it was authorized via paypal. The ticket i put in recently has the copy of paypals authorization. I don’t want to vent anymore, this stuff has gone on for many years with no apparent fix or just bandaids which break… If you can help I would appreciate it. Wasting my day off trying to give a company money is not what I call fun, I am sure many can agree. I understand technical issues, but this is getting very old. If I can help please feel free to email me back.
Kind Regards


push 60 days since ticket :frowning:

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I’m pushing 51 days here

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When buying a premium account froze I how to fix it, help!!!

Please tell me, have your account been opened

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Oh sweet, this happened with me too. I think I’m just going to change my request to a refund at this point. 0/10 not worth the trouble.

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Withdrew 85 euros from my card and the account is frozen