Account Hacked ~ Please help

Hello all,
My account was hacked some time ago and I even opened a support ticket back in February. I have yet to receive a response from Funcom. I would very much like to return to Secret World Legends, however … I don’t want to return to nothing and have to start over. I have my Ticket #ID and all pertinent information to the account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Sorry to hear you were hacked! Unfortunately, account issues aren’t something we can really help with on the forums, (we’re just players ourselves). You could try DMing @AndyB who may be able to check up on the status of your support ticket, but there’s not really any way we can help :frowning:

Good luck!

Out of curiosity, what makes you think that your account has been hacked? I’ve never heard of that happening because SWL accounts really aren’t valuable.

Whenever people have freaked out over all of their characters/stuff being gone, it was either a case of a returning player from The Secret World (TSW) not realizing that Secret World Legends (SWL) is a relaunch and characters didn’t carry over (they’re still in TSW, though depending on when you last played they may no longer have their nicknames), or confusion over accounts being linked to or unlinked from Steam.

Thank you for the heads up about AndyB ~ I’ll attempt to get in touch with him.

First of all, I know SWL is a reboot of TSW. Which is why I specifically stated in my post, “I would very much like to return to Secret World Legends.”

Second, How do I know it has been hacked? Well, let’s deduce that claim based on what I know.
My password doesn’t work, and I don’t receive an email when I try to recover/reset my password.
It isn’t a case of forgotten password as I have only a few passwords that I use. Tried all of them.
It isn’t an incorrect email as I only have and use two email accounts. Checked both of them.

Third, who are you to assign value to someone’s account or time spent for that matter? If you aren’t here to try and provide aid. Please, kindly make your way to the proverbial door.


If you believe that your account has been compromised and you only use a few passwords, I hope you’ve changed your passwords on other platforms that may also be at risk!

Aeryl’s point is actually valid btw. There have been plenty of people who confused TSW and SWL and were worried when they log in to the wrong game to find their characters missing. Many then mistakenly think that their accounts have been hacked. Asking for clarification isn’t accusatory, or judgemental, it’s merely asking for more information to make sure that any advice is actually relevant to your personal situation.


I already did that back when this originally happened. Thank you for your concern regarding that potential issue though.

They sure have a funny way of simply seeking clarification while blatantly stating my account and time that I spent on the game is worthless.


I don’t think that they are saying the time you’ve spent playing the game is worthless, just that SWL accounts have very little monetary value. The games where people are able to sell accounts and characters are normally far more popular than SWL is. I know that Aeryl has spent a massive amount of time playing the game themselves, so it’s not a case of saying your account has no value to you.

Even a fully maxed out character isn’t really worth very much money in terms of resale, which makes account hacking a very rare thing in SWL.


Oh, I will. No worries. But before I do, I would like to point out that I have mentioned two very common issues with accounts or characters disappearing and in your outrage you seem to have missed the second.


Your presumptuous nature to assume that I overlooked anything within your response is absurd.
Buh-bye now.
Oh, and please do let the door hit you on your way out.

Aerly is one of the most helpful players on the forum, and you seem to find it fair to assume a ton, while blaming her for doing the same.

Quite frankly most others would ask for the same clarifying questions. So many have turned up with deleted characters, and its because they didnt realize about the relaunch. So many people mix up swl, tsw and mistakenly use tswl.

Lastly people mix up a steam account and standalone All the time, and rightly so, as swl started with only standalone and first later got steam.

And they are both right, that SWL accounts dont have much monetary value.

So food for thought out of the way, if you can see through my rudeness in your own fit of it.

Some clarifying questions
Since you say you tried to reset your password, i assume a handful of attempts since trying two emails, im going to assume you tried logging in to the site account.

Im not sure if i should assume that you are using a standalone client, since you nowhere clarified which you use, but its tempting to assume you used the client, where you have to type in your login information.

If we wanna try and help you, we have to ask these questions, exactly so we dont run into a miscommunication, because we assumed that you tried everything there is to try.

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I didn’t know Support was supposed to be answered by players only.


No matter who answers a question here - be it an ordinary player or a Funcom employee - a problem with a hacked account can’t be solved here on the forum. That kind of problem needs a support ticket to be resolved.

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They already have a support ticket. This was letting customer service know it hasn’t been answered in 5/6 months.

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To be able to message Andy via direct message (DM) you will need to spend a bit more time interacting with the forum, as DMs are only unlocked by reaching “Basic” permission level. If you are able to spend about 10 minutes reading a few topics and messages, it’s pretty quick to unlock.

That will be your best bet for following up on an unanswered customer support query.

Please don’t judge people too harshly in how you see that they are responding to your queries; they are genuinely trying to help. With forum posts it’s sometimes a little difficult to interpret a person’s need or intent.