Account "not playable"


Unfortunately I’m experiencing a similar issue like many others before. I purchased the LoX expansion pack, including 30 days of playtime. After the payment was set to approved, I was able to login, so I logged off doing other stuff. A little later, trying to log in again, the account was set to “not playable” although the money had already been transferred. No response to my Email ticket or /petition from my froob acc yet. Hope that will be fixed soon. Playtime is already counting I guess. #1094385.
Hope my issue will be fixed soon. Thanks


Hi Chabo, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging in to play. It sounds like your account might be frozen. If any failed or pending orders are present on your account, that would result in it being temporarily frozen, even if the other payment completed successfully. While you can’t log in to a frozen account to play, no paid time will expire, either. Any game time that would have expired will be visually added back to your account as soon as the freeze is resolved. I hope this information helps.

I’ve checked our records and can confirm your email ticket was received and is awaiting a reply in our queue. For now, please just keep an eye on your email inbox for updates. We’re working to assist everyone as swiftly as we can. :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed that helps. On my first purchase, my PayPal was somehow missing the secondary funding source and it failed. So I selected a new payment method (PayPal again) and corrected that. Then the status changed from failed to approved. I guess that’s the problem as you explained. Thank you so far.