Account wide ignore


I know it’s been brought up before, but why can’t we have this? Yes I know it’s easy to ignore on different toons, etc. But if you do the math, a toll keeps logging multiple toons, and we have multiple toons, it becomes frustrating. Especially when it seems like the wild West in global, no one is minding the store, at least it seems like it. Give us one and done power to ignore please.


Agreed, this is Long Overdue, Jarafin.

Funcom: Please address the ignore function and make it work for its intended purpose.

Ignore isn’t a valid option against harassment, because …

  1. Ignore keeps you from seeing the troll, but nothing prevents them from seeing you.
  2. Friending a name is possible without the other player’s consent.
  3. Ignored players can add a name as a friend on the same account, and wait for login.
  4. Using the player and group search, they know which map you’re playing, and by simple deduction on a low population server, who you’re grouped with.
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