Accuracy change

Suggestion for Accuracy. Remove trick shot and move everything down a level a level with a now stronger ending skill. So something like this.

10 Acc: Eye for Injury - Makes crippling injuries more severe.

20 Acc: Steady Hands - All ranged weapons now do 10% (<-maybe buff this percentage) more damage

30 Acc: Crevice in the Armor - Increase your weapon’s armor pen by 50%

40 Acc: Shafted - Every head shot does 50% more damage

50 Acc: ? - Any shot from a bow or thrown weapon will ignore 100% of armor, and an arrow will splinter on impact creating a small AoE that does 75% damage.

(The AoE can hit other enemies, and it can hit the player in the legs/feet if you shoot the ground at their feet.)

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50 Acc : Add 30 native damage per shoot

THAT would be a buff

Like other arrow threads, Trick shot should just be default part of Bows. =3

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