Accursed Citadel Schematics

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Schematic bug

I have used approximately 15 Fragments to try & purchase the schematics form the Accursed Citadel. Although I am actually receiving the schematic paper scrolls, when I activate them the Armour & weapon sets are not available to craft. I have had a named armourer of all descriptive bonuses yet this has not provided a result for crafting options within the workstation & have had the same issue with the Blacksmith.

•Vagabond armour
•Voidforge Gladius
•Voidforge Dragon Armour
•Silent Legion Light Armour
•Voidforge Mace

All of the above are not appearing. I don’t think they are even registering as a feat due to the fact that multiple attempts still provide the scrolls to be used giving the +(Scroll name) each time.

  1. Purchase Schematic
  2. Open scroll

Post edit:- I have a PS5 recording of the event if useful to the investigation. This can be placed on YouTube for viewing at formal request.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please share the video with us?

We await your reply.

Well here is the title of the clip I quickly put together to show the process. If you want the full video let me know.

Funcom. Schematic scroll fail 27/04/2022 (Bug Report)

This has some how sorted itself. The armour & weapons can now be found in the workbench menus. Thanks for your time & patience.

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Corrected & now in working order. Thx :pray:t3:

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