Accursed Entertainer?

So I’ve been checking around Isle of Siptah, I can’t find any accursed entertainers. I checked the interactive map but it only lists one location and that spawn was replaced with a sorcerer. Is there any way without commands to get an accursed entertainer?

For the feedback part, I’d like some locations to acquire accursed performers since the only one available was replaced with a sorcerer. For now I’ll look for a mod that will add some spawns, but that doesn’t help console gamers.

As far as I remember, there were 2 places where accursed dancers spawned: in a camp in the southwest of the ashen island, and in the one next to it, on the southern coast.

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Three locations along the Isle of Dusk. Northwest of Rave In The Rubble, along the southwest coast opposite Fin The Rambler’s camp, and one a little further north, along the west coast.

Your directions were hard to follow but I did locate three accursed entertainer spawns. The one northwest of rave in the rubble even had the T4 Entertainer.

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