Accursed NPCs balance

I really hope they fix the balance in the next update.
Makes no sense to me that it takes 1 to 4 hits with my boom stick knock out club to knock them out. But over 50 hard attacks to kill them. That is, if they dont kill you and your thrall first!


So at the moment, knocking them out, then killing them if you wish is a better strategy than just slaughtering The Accursed?

Takes way to long to kill tbem.
Kills your weapon durability fast.
Shouldnt be so hard to kill them. Even knocked out they take forever to kill.

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Especially when Accursed Berzerkers go down much faster than the lower rank warriors.
The same holds true for Cimmerians.
The two factions are basically identical except names, and even then Dalinsia the Accursed instead or Dalinsia Snowhunter.
Same gear, same stats.

Pitty really, they could have given them the Primitive or Primeval gear instead of just carbon copying, at least the named ones.

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Love it.
Either I got a Better weapon, Or they fixed on this lazt patch. Now takes more concussion blows to knock them out then to kill them.

But why are the cages empty in the Accursed Camps?

Cages don’t always have thralls in them. In fact, in many areas, they’re empty. Not sure if it was intentional, but it’s less common to find a thrall in a cage than no thrall from my experience. Usually the cages that have thralls are always consistent, so if a cage doesn’t have a thrall, either someone claimed it already or it never had one to begin with and likely never will.

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