Achiever Rewards


I really like the achievement system although I still can’t understand how the more achievement you do put in the less return for the effort you get. Comparison here is at:

1000 you get Camel and Hub pathing (useful)
1500 outdoor pathing (super useful)
2000 Rune (really nice addition and useful in places)

4000 swift pathing (useful)

and then we trail off really…

at 100,00 achivement you get …a title…
15000 a personal chronicler of deeds?! really
20000…a title?

did we run out of ideas for top tier of achievement or something? could there not be vanity sets instead or other types of mounts or maybe even at top tier a legendary item, cloak or armour or even max to bank slots or something/.

Am i missing the importance of a title or something?


you are correct… 4000 pts is really the last useful thing. 7500 gives you a swift mount, eh… even the 15K one gives you a “pet” but you cant fight it in arena, so its useless… and 20K. aside from having the title which is a nice accomplishment, its useless.

Getting to 20K is a massive grind. Glad I did it once, but wont do it again… My 2nd toon has 10K + and that was a pain…


Yes I find the lower rewards for higher achievement points kinda disappointing too, I guess it’s a mix of “We ran out of ideas” + “We got no more time” because at that time (2015) when they introduced the achievement system the amount of released content was very low (T5 in the end of 2014 was only something for the high end guilds, they needed something for the other players).

They should really update the achievement milestones and add new rewards but I guess they wont change it anymore.


I remember that this question was brought up in the feedback at release of the achievement system, and if I remember correctly, the answer was that the devs prefered many people getting the cool rewards vs. hanging the best carrots too high for the majority. That is not neccessarily a wrong approach, but it would have been cool if the highest ranks would have been something with a real WOW-effect.

I support the suggestion to update the rewards, maybe add new achievements. As it is now the system was released and never touched again.