Active Weapon or Tool - drag and drop in inventory or container window

Currently, if you are in a “weapon drawn” stance, you can’t open your inventory or a container/craft station and drag/drop that actively drawn item to the container. It is a minor issue, but a constant one and it gets irritating after a few months.

If you think about the logic of it, wouldn’t it be rather easy, to place the item you actually have in your hand? But right now, you have to take it out of your hand, so you can pick it up from your backpack and then place in a craft station or chest.

Was there possibly a PvP mechanic that made this oddity a requirement?

Another thought would be simply to make the character drop out of aggressive stance when any inventory or container is open. This probably makes the most sense anyway, as you can’t be in combat mode while searching through a loot chest, right?

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