Activity reward for your players?

How does the game know when a Solo/Co-op player is playing? The game resets each time they log out and in. In theory, there is not AFK kick for Solo/Co-op players so they can log in, walk away, watch a movie, whatever and not get bounced out for not playing.

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I would think the need to eat or drink would make it impossible to be aay than a few minutes.

Unless I am unaware of some item that eliminates or reduces the eat/drink need?

if you’re in a full shelter, your hunger & thirst will get down really slowly, it can be like an hour or more if you are 100/100

These items would be acceptable if we could get them afterwards, but this is counter to what they are intended to provide. Not all of us have the time to keep up and this is the thing the marketing teams wage on. It’s a rather obsessive way really, when you get to think about it.

However, here’s a solution to the issue. Instead of limited items, we could have limited events. After a limited event is finished, the assets become available to everyone thorough the same progression it took during the event or some other progression related method. These can also be sold as dlcs later on to emphasise the fact that the limited events are provided with no charge or hidden fees. Those who don’t have the time or don’t want to participate the event itself don’t have to and they still get access to the content; in their own pace. In other words, these limited events work as super effective dynamic and living advertisements, especially if the stories are event-bound. After an event is finished, its story isn’t accessible anymore, but we can make new custom events ourselves with the assets.

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Ah ok, thank you for explaining.

I’m not to sure about how the play timers work, but isn’t there a ps4 mechanic that counts hours played on a game?, I’m not sure if it would be difficult or not but I’m sure funcom could find a similar way of knowing.

I wouldnt think something like this would be available in the offline modes, but I expect there would still be a way to know how much time has been spent on the game, save times and such things. Auto save counts I dont know xD.

I actually think that adaption to it is good, as it wouldnt be hard for funcom to implement a few new npcs around the lands for a time, or throw in a new dungeon for a couple of weeks, the different methods with that option are countless

It would certainly be a good start to give conan another role xD, find him on the map to begin each event Haha.

That’s just my mind running away though, I do like the idea of more content with more ways to earn it, and as main admin for a active server, perhaps I share some of that marketing mind a little bit, it’s always a shame to see people burn out or fade away from the game. Activity and people are one of the many keys to a servers growth.

And content is one of the main keys to a games development

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Yes there is.

One of the games I’m designing takes advantage from this in a way. This is why I advocate these specific type of limited events. I’m able to see the huge potential.

Rare and Blizzard already do these in their own ways.

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Hey fable how are you quoting me like that? very usefull looking feature!:slight_smile:

Oh wow you are a game designer? That’s totaly awesome:)

Yeah I thought Sony had their own play time counter:p.

I dont think there is a shortage of ideas they could implement for the actual prizes eather i expect everyone would agree it should likely be cosmetic, but it is still really cool!

Heading back towards conan and all the npcs in the game it makes me wonder if they already intend to start new journey steps quests and dungeons.
This perticular idea fits well if they do!

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This is one of those things…

A. If I was a day 1 person with “proof” and got a item, cool.

BUT… I’ve restarted so many times do to patches messing up characters or my settings. I’d likely miss out out that way.

B. Events… I don’t have any of them anymore. (again, had restart characters, leave servers with blocked content, trolls etc) Any goodies are short lived.

C. Daliy/Weekly Objectivesbasically same as B. rewards in general are short term… an this type of game with server issues, troll and block content… I’d never get much use of it. And be a Sad Kitty…


Then again… thats if were talking outfit or some neat award. Like placeable meteor deco for lawn.
If were talking, Kill a player (pvp) or, kill 20 enemies, beat a Boss etc and you get a +20 stam buff for 10 hours or food/thrist restored or Enc +3 for 4 hours. I’d be sorta on board.

I’m not sure if I’m into the idea of rewards, but what about recipes instead of items? Similar to Conan’s Altanean sword. Every time I start a new character, I still can make this item.

Of course we couldn’t play the events again, but think of it this way. An event is like a grand opening of a restaurant. It lasts only a day. However, the restaurant still exists after that day forth. :yum:

Not everyone gets to play the events due reasons, but at least we have a chance if they accommodate customers like from 1 to 2 months (actual event takes less time to process thorough) and afterwards we can create our own custom games based on the assets made available.

I could see this being a thing.

First the play time rewards. Reach milestones and you get a free item. I am pretty sure your time spent playing is already recorded, could be wrong.

10 hours, 25 hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, 200 hours
Nice and simple, five rewards to be earned. You play at your own pace. More than 200 hours and it could be too burdensome for the players. And it’s supposed to be fun.

As far as events, I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this implemented into the game code:

  1. Daily Events
    A random percentage chance for SOMETHING to happen each morning as dawn comes upon the Exiled Lands. Just something to exploit and add a little spice to the game. There is also a chance nothing happens. If an event starts, it lasts until dawn of the next morning.

–Positive Events–
Bountiful Harvest – Planters
Plentiful Fish – Fish Traps
Insect Swarm – Bugs from Plants in the Wild
Fertile Lands – Compost Heaps
The above will all give you an increased harvest chance in the specified object/location, for that day.

–Negative Events–
– The particular animal type is in it’s mating season and as a result has increased aggression and will attack you from farther away
– The particular animal type is encountered more frequently.

You could also have a daily event in which a particular race regarded as a holy day for their preferred religion. With the result that they are more zealous, there are more spawned and they are out looking to sacrifice to their deity on this day.

You could add temperature events, in that you could have some days that are colder, meaning travel in the cold regions north is more harsh, or days that are hotter, when travel in the desert to the south is more difficulty.

You could even have “lucky” days, which have a hidden modifier, that makes certain crafting attempts more successful. In that they may consume less materials, or none at all. But as it’s hidden, you won’t know just what type of crafting is affected. IE, you have to be lucky both to get this day, be lucky in attempting to craft at whatever station the modifier works for, and finally lucky enough to actually have it trigger. It could even have a one-use option, in which it only applies once. So once you know what crafting station it’s working for, you can’t abuse it by continually crafting to try and get the bonus.

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If its repeatable. And perma to save… I’ve redone my save thou… it becomes a lost thing if not repeated.
I’ve missed enough 1 time items in games, I’m kinda sick of them.

CE, has bugged out… no fault of my own. That would suck to lose recipe or something cause I had restart.

I’ve had a few restarts to patches… I’ve had 3 save files go curupt. I would need see game in better state. XD

To me, items/buffs would be… if I missed them. It wouldnt be world ending. Then again… I’ve missed content in other games… and its frustrating.

Not fan of one time events… I missed 99% of meteors on consoles cause it was just 5fps hell hole. That save is abit old, for what items I do got. That character has gone under (online)
itlest offline I can give myself items.

a reward system that works with hours played.

Special rewards are available as players reach a certain amount of play time

The rewards remain available once enough hours are played even when new prizes come out.
when these new items come out. A new list of prizes, the old ones become available to earn by selecting them in a menu then playing the said amount of hours ? Maybe ?

I don’t know how I am feeling this currently.

It seems to me that a reward for playing more would be a punishment for those that have life responsibilities and cannot play long hours. Consider the balance:

  • A single person with no employment obligations can play ten hours a day easily. Within a few weeks, they would have accumulated the 200 hour max.
  • A partnered person, with employment obligations may only be able to play “weekends” for a few hours. Let us say 2 hours for 2 days. Four hours a week. This person will not see 200 hours for a years at best.
  • From a marketing perspective: a soul with no employment obligations may have the time to play, but may not have the funds to support the game. A soul who has employment obligations may not have the time to play, but might have the funds to support the game.

Regarding routine events. I would not be happy if I felt obligated to open the game to check for events I might miss when I really do not have sufficient time to play on that day. I would, also, not be happy if I hand to install updates to accommodate changes in the events more often.

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I’m not talking about in-game events. I’m talking about those live events that have a one-time story campaign at their core. After the event is finished, everyone who didn’t participate are given the assets of the event to work on their own custom campaigns.

this kind of thing happens in enough games , i suppose various people will think differently about it, some will like the idea some wont.

But i’m pretty sure there is a way for it to work that works with everyone, there is to much in Conan’s world that the developers could add cosmetic wise and in other ways as well, and there has to be hundreds of ways they could add them and make them available.

i have seem a lot of people wanting to see more Conan material in the game!, i personally think the coolest thing even if it is not the best damage, is Conans sword, just for the fact it is his!
and what of the special Royal armour i’m sure that had a place in his world to.

and you cant get them unless you get the day one edition, or you were a beta tester ?

now that is something you can miss, and be annoyed that you cant get now.

i think having more chances to get items like that is a really enticing and good idea, that’s just me though, i would really hope the eligibility for these items wont be as limited as being a beta tester or getting that special edition though ahha :slight_smile: that i’m sure a lot of us will agree on

Personally I like anything that provides the quality illusion I’m after.

Presentation matters the most in everything while genre matters the least in essence. Figuratively speaking, to me the presentation represents the magic act while genre represents the tone of the magician’s skin. That’s how I see genres these days. Most insignificant variable in relation to the act itself.

Absolutely. I’d say it’s a mathematical certainty.

This is exactly why these days I don’t endorse companies that provide products this way. There’s zero evidence proving that they absolutely have to provide their services like this to their customers. It’s only a marketing choice and an aggressive one at that. It’s like playing chess with a partner who engages you by a relatively aggressive approach; so boring. Serves to only divide community.

I’ve done research about this approximately for a decade now, with intentional focus (my experience with computers actually began when I was 9, if I remember correctly). All the samples and the results I got from them, they all seem to point toward that there is a Golden Road that will suffice for everyone.

We just need to be aware enough and design a complex that serves everyone in their own place and time.

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