Add a Improved elevator


I’m tired of using slow elevators for really high up bases and places. I suggest the DEVs make elevators faster or add improved elevators and make them like 5x the speed.


Yes, and moreover: make intermediate platforms for improved elevators! There was such mod once so it’s possible for game mechanics. I even agree to put some tanner or Smelter into an Elevator to make it “improved”.


yea, we also suggested improved drawbridges.


i saw a mod for elevators on youtube, that was a great one. would love that feature on officials and consoles, every stair you build is so much faster than elevators… and add that elevators stay where they are after server restart… i always have to get it back down, thats where i needed. i dont need elevators to get down a mountain

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I believe the slowness of the elevator is intentional. Apparently it is for balance in the game.

I agree with wanting an improved elevator, but ONLY if you can also CUT the cables to send someone descending straight to the depths of hell if theyre not supposed to be on it in the first place.

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