Add ability to 'train' the dancers

As emotes have been added that include various dance moves, it would make some sense for the player to be able to train those moves to their dancers. This would help break the dancers out of the very repetitive cycle they’re in.

Also, the ability to specify which dance move and lead to which other dance move (randomly selected by the dancer) would allow the player to chain together pleasing sequences and produce something a bit more unique.



I thought so too, especially for the ability to choose which set of dances he can use.

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I love this. There should also be dances unique to each great civilization that can be learned somewhere in the world and included in the dancers moves. Plus clothing :slight_smile: they need clothing that match each civilization.

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I would really like to be able to change which dance our Dancers perform. It would be nice to see them perform something more relaxing or seductive such as the snake dance or belly dance respecticely. While the current dance which I call the carnival acrobatic isnt bad, I think we are all just at the point where after 2 years of it, we just want some variety. Funcom please consider good peoples.

pretty sure they are workin on this 8]

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