Add an option to make only doors destroyable

I would like to see an option added that would make it so that only doors and not walls/foundations etc are destroyable by players.

I play on a mainly PvE Private server with friends, but we would love an option to make it so that doors can be broken down and bases raided, without actually destroying the base itself.

This is a great idea.
I think walls/foundations should still be damaged and destroyed by siege weapons such as the trebuchet.
But I like the idea of making walls and foundations immune to damage from handheld weapons.

Too easy to make your base unraidable with this option…

Agree. People will just remove / replace their doors with walls whenever they enter / leave their bases. Too simply exploitable.

@Grave_Darkheart I like the idea of siege weapons being the exception.

The reason I woold like to see this option would be to make bases slightly raidable. Currently, you have the options for either damage everything or damage nothing, this would make raiding possible without destroying the base, perfect for casual/private servers etc, probably not for public servers though.

Doors already have just 2/3rds the health of a wall. If you want to raid light, and efficient, then you’ll go for the doors.